Pool Rules at the Plattsburgh Y

For the Safety of All Guests, Ages & Skill Levels.

Pool capacity limit: 50 people.
One lifeguard must be on duty for every 25 patrons.

1. No Swimming without a Lifeguard on duty:

This includes lifeguards.

2. One Whistle:

Stop, Look, and Listen

This means someone has broken a rule. Look at the lifeguard and follow their directions.

3. Two Whistles:

Clear the Pool: Somebody needs help!

Exit the pool as fast as possible and follow the lifeguards directions. Clear the pool means exit the pool area and proceed into the lobby or locker rooms.

4. Dive in at deep end wall ONLY!

(State Regulation) No twisting jumps or flips allowed in any area of the pool.

5. Jump in shallow end feet first and only at Jumping Wall:

Belly first is a dive!

6. No walking in the gutter!

7. No holding onto divider rope!

8. To swim in the deep end:

Patrons must be able to comfortably swim the width of the pool over and back:

The lifeguard will need to test each person(even adults). Patron must demonstrate a correct front crawl with rotary and rhythmic breathing, as well as swimming on their back with combined arm and leg movements. Lifeguard has final decision if a patron is allowed to go in the deep end.

9. No inflatables allowed!

This includes water wings.

The Y does not recognize water wings as a safe practice of aquatic equipment as they might deflate. The Y provides floaties if needed. An adult(over 21 years of age) needs to stay next to the child, within arm’s reach, if they are swimming in the deep end with a flotation device.

10. No kickboards, fins, or exercise equipment allowed during Rec. swim!

11. Showers required.

This rinses sweat, perfume, etc. off and helps keep the pH balance in the pool.

12. Noodles stay in the shallow end of the pool!

One noodle per patron!

13. Long Hair needs to be tied back or in a cap.

If you do not have a hair tie, the lifeguard can provide you with a rubber band.

14. No gum, food, drinks, or glass in the pool. No street shoes on deck!

Behavior must be appropriate:

This is a family facility so behavior must be appropriate. This means hands to yourself, appropriate language, attire, and attitude. If not, you will be asked to leave.

15. Help the lifeguard!

Please watch your children and help enforce the rules.

If your child needs a floatie, an adult (over 21 years of age) must be in the water with them. Please limit cell phone use and other distractions while in the pool.

16. Locker rooms are same sex ONLY!

School-aged children (over 4 years of age) cannot go into opposite sex locker room.

The Lifeguard has the FINAL SAY in ALL MATTERS!

What they say goes.

It is their discretion and decision to determine what is safe behavior and what is not in and around the pool. Do not argue with them!

*Our lifeguards need information regarding the skill level and age of the anticipated swimmers during the event. Those who are unable to swim without a floatation device, nor can touch the shallow end bottom, must have an adult within arms reach. The adults who will be in the pool are counted in the total participants. We do require a list of participants for the pool a WEEK prior to the event.

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