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The Y has been a leader in providing instructional swimming for more than 100 years.

Our aquatic program at the Plattsburgh YMCA is dedicated to doing more than simply teaching children or adults swimming skills. Our passionate instruction instills a sense of self-confidence, a desire to overcome challenges, and a love for swimming and fitness. It’s important to assess your child’s skill level before signing up for swim lessons. When children start at the correct level, they have a chance to learn with their peers and avoid unnecessary frustration. Swimming should always be fun and safe, and we have groups for all different ages and skill types.

Swim Levels

Skipper I & II

These classes are a parent and child water adjustment class, focusing on interaction with other children and also parent socialization.

Skipper 1

These classes are for children ages 6 to18 months. Infants must wear “retainer” pants (plastic and reusable found at Wal-Mart) over their little swimmer diaper. Disposable diapers are not allowed.

Skipper 2

Skipper 2’s are a little more advanced. These classes are for children ages 18 months to 2 years old. Children will need the same swim attire as Skipper 1. In both Skipper 1 and 2, children are encouraged to use the stream line position of their front and back. Our instructors will introduce them to kicking and arm movements, while using songs and games to make the water experience fun.

3 & 4 Year Olds

In this class, the child must be able to separate from parents and follow simple directions without a parent in the water with them. We cover skills like gliding, floating, and the paddle stroke while children wear a floatation device. Kids must be potty trained for these lessons.

Polliwog 1

If your child is 5 years old and still relies on a floatation device, he or she will need to register for Polliwog 1.

Polliwog 2

If your child is 5 years old and able to swim completely without a floatation device, and swim two widths of basic front crawl and basic backstroke, they can register for Polliwog 2. They must also be able to fully submerge themselves for at least 5 seconds.


Register your child for Guppy if he or she can tread water for 1 minute, swim one length of front crawl with correct breathing, swim one length of backstroke, and have a basic understanding of breast stroke kick.


Register your child for Minnow if he or she can swim one lap of freestyle with correct rhythmic breathing, swim one lap of backstroke, swim one lap of breast stroke, and demonstrate a basic dolphin kick. They must also be able to tread water for 2 minutes.


Register your child for Fish if he or she has passed all skills for minnow, can swim all strokes correctly, able to tread water for 3 minutes, and swim 5 continuous laps. They must be able to perform all dives correctly.

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