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Personal training is a great way to get started on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

We offer half-hour and hour long training sessions with one of our two wonderful certified personal trainers. To get started with a personal trainer, please contact us at 518-561-4290. Our personal trainers will reach out to you to set up a time that works best for you.

Krista Crippen

Our members now have the opportunity to train with Krista Crippen, a certified personal fitness trainer at the Plattsburgh YMCA. Please contact us to set an appointment and learn about special pricing for members and non-members.

To discuss your options and/or schedule an appointment with Krista, she can be contacted through the YMCA.

Teresa Landry

Teresa Landry has worked in fitness for over twenty years and taught group classes at the Plattsburgh YMCA for the past several years. She recently received certifications in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Association. This accreditation, along with her long-standing interest in the conditions and diseases associated with aging, has led her to Lifestyle Coaching.

Lifestyle Coaching improves the factors that contribute to health and well-being, enhances the body’s own immune system, and makes the body more receptive to conventional medical treatment. Lifestyle coaching is not medical treatment and is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. It is a holistic approach to successful aging that assesses activity/fitness, eating habits and environmental factors, and as a lifestyle coach, Teresa asks people many questions about diet, medical history, social activities, physical activities and everyday environment. The overall analysis determines the emphasis of the coaching, making Lifestyle Coaching extremely individualized.

Many people are not aware their lifestyle habits are risk factors for various degenerative conditions, and changing habits is not easy for those people that are aware. Lifestyle Coaching is important, especially if the symptoms of disease have already developed. Studies strongly suggest that positive lifestyle changes can slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases and, in a few limited studies, reverse them.

Teresa looks forward to helping people improve their quality of life through lifestyle changes. She can be contacted through the YMCA or at

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