Adult Fitness Programs

Group-style Workout Classes

Fitness should be challenging, but we also believe it should fun and exciting.

No matter what your personal goals are, the Plattsburgh YMCA has the right adult fitness program for you. Muscle toning, building endurance, core strengthening, balance and flexibility are all areas we can help you improve.

Early Morning Boot Camp

Early morning boot camps are group classes that emphasize functional movements, including squats, sit-ups, sprint intervals and push-ups. It’s a combination of cardio and strength training with modifications that make this a challenging, yet fun early morning exercise.

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Group Cycling

Our indoor cycling program is appropriate for anyone looking to get in shape. Exercise at your own pace during this non-impact, cardiovascular workout led by trained instructors. This class is very popular, so our size is limited to the first 24, and you must call each day to reserve a bike. Spinning is held in the third floor exercise room.

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Morning Fitness

Burn fat and have fun as you step at your own intensity level. Members sometimes use resistive bands, body bars, resistive balls and hand weights as well.

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Pilates is unique mind-body exercise program using a floor mat or other equipment. You will develop stronger core muscles by using proper body alignment and breathing techniques, creating a stronger, more flexible you.

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Yoga at Noon

A series of simple, yet challenging stretches and postures, combined with proper breathing techniques, make this mid-day break a great investment in your mind and body. Yoga at Noon adds flexibility, balance, strength and relaxation to your fitness program.

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A blend of cardio, yoga, and pilates to strengthen and stretch your body.

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Hard Core

Nothin but core work. 30 minutes to flatten and sculpt the midsection. It’s gonna hurt so good! Held in the 3rd floor.

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Gentle Stretching

A 45 min. class that consists of gentle stretches to improve flexibility and core strength. Held in the GYM.

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Cycle and Circuit

A half hour of cycling combined with 1/2 hour of weight lifting. Come for 1 or both.

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Circuit Weight Training

Exercise all major muscle groups in an efficient 30 min weight lifting class.

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Senior Aerobics

Senior Aerobics is designed for active older adults, age 60 and up, who like to participate in group exercise. The emphasis is on stretching and mild cardiovascular activities that will improve your overall health. A doctor’s medical recommendation is requested for this class and registration at the front desk is not required. Senior Aerobics is funded by the Clinton County Office for the Aging and the balance is subsidized by the YMCA and the United Way.

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